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CyclingBees social rides take place every Saturday from different locations in Bahrain and going through different routes. The ride are exclusive to girls ONLY and is always escorted with a car. The car is supported by Skate Shack so any flats that may occur on the ride is replaced by Skate Shack on spot! The car also has water and first aid kit. With our rides you will always discover a new place in Bahrain and don't worry there is always a karak stop! Beginners are welcome, we never leave anyone behind and we regroup very often and take pictures for fun! Our famous shot is the jump shot! 

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If you can walk, you can ride! Bikeability Courses available

Bikeability courses are available for booking. Level 1 is suitable for girls who NEVER got on a bike or tried before or did it long time ago and want to start cycling! There is no age limitation for Bikeability courses - if you can walk you can ride! Level 2 is to prepare riders for the road. Private and group booking is available! Contact Sarah on 39777464

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Privilege Card

Yes, if you join the hive you get your own privilege card! 

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